the body

Have you ever been stepped on? Well, you should try it! You're probably wondering, "Stepped on? What?" and with good reason. Well there's no reason to wonder. If you're suffering from pain, whether it be from an injury, a car accident, or any other cause, Ken Lowe and his unique abilities in structural therapy can help relieve that pain. Also working at our Family Therapeutic Holistic Clinic are three very talented therapists: Keith Williams, Karen Shaw and Minerva Huerta. To find out more about Ken and the total health clinic, feel free to explore our website.

Keith, Karen, Minerva and Ken

Keith Williams - Therapeutic Structural Massage Therapist

Karen Shaw - IQS Technician - Computerized Health Analysis

Minerva Huerta - Master Esthetician - Certified Reflexologist - A.R.T.

Ken Lowe - Structural Therapist -Massage Therapist

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