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How Does It Work?
Your brain carries out thousands of non-verbal, interactive "conversations" with your muscles, glands, organs, nerves, immune system, etc., every seond. Your body is internally "self-aware" of all of these systems from the moment of your birth.
No instrument, medical laboratory, or computer is as sensitive, powerful and comprehensive as your "Innate Intelligence" (in-born intelligence). When it comes to knowing what is happening inside your body, you are the expert.
What Is IQS (TM)
IQS (TM) (Interactive Query System) combines a computer database and a transducer which is touched to the skin (usually the hands or feet) in a way that allows our bodies to answer up to 20 health related quesitons per minute.
This technology permits you and your health practitioner to explore hundreds of specific health issues in a single session. Many other technologies and testing methods take much more time and provide fewer detailed insights. Many important health related problems and solutions would very likely not be discovered with any other approach.
"Better Lives Through Better Choices"
For more information on how an IQS (TM) Computerized Health Analysis can help you achieve the vibrant health you desrive, contact Karen Shaw.
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