the body


Dear Ken:

I want to thank you for the incredible work you are doing for me.

The doctor told me my arthritis would only get worse and he put me on medication. Since you have begun your work on my joints, tendons, and muscles in general, I have been able to go off the medication for pain and swelling. I now have greater range of motion and greater flexibility without pain than I have had in the past 15 years, and once again, can play golf, tennis and ski. You have given me hope and a new life through your understanding of the body and the way you work to improve its functioning.

I thank you for your dedication and caring. Your devotion to helping others is allowing me to have a better quality of life.

Thank you again!



RE: Massage Therapy

Dear Mr. Lowe:

My purpose in writing you is to express my appreciation for the massage therapy and body work you have provided for me over the past few months.

Prior to being referred to you, I suffered from neuropathy in my feet brought on by a period of uncontrolled hyperglycemia. My feet were so tender that I could not comfortably stand, barefooted, even on a carpeted floor. After only a few sessions, this condition has improved dramatically. At this time, my feet are more comfortable than they have been in many months.

Another issue you have addressed is my back and neck. Both were injured in a work related slip-and-fall accident which occurred in 1987 in which I sustained severe, permanent injuries. Since that time, I have suffered from constant back pain and immobility as as frequent, severe headaches.

With your help, my comfort and spinal range of motion have improved substantially. Also, although I still experience an occasional headache, they are greatly reduced in frequency, intensity, and duration.

Essentially, your fine work has been instrumental in vastly improving the overall quality of my life. I highly recommend your services to anyone in need and would welcome any inquiry. I wish you continued success in your growing practice. As always, I am

Very truly yours,



Dear Ken,

There are no words that I can say to thank you for what you have done for me with my Back. I have been coming to you for 2 years now and at the time I started I had been seeing a Massage Therapist for 2 years before that. He put me back on my feet, but he did nothing to help my Spine get back into a straight line. In the 2 years that I have been coming to you my Spine has become soft enough for you to movie it back into alignment. In 1997 my height was 4'8''. You have been to move my curved Spine back into alignment enough that I have gained 2'' in height. Not only have you been able to help me gain height, but I can walk straighter now and feel so much better I had such a large Hump on my back that it was also affecting my Self-image and you have helped me in that way also.

When I was 4 years old I had Polio and it softened my Spine so that as I grew my Spine started to curve. The weight of carrying my children when I got married curved it even more until my Spine was pulled to the left side so far that I had a large Hump on my Back.

As far as I am concerned the money I pay you is the best money I pay out each month.




Ken Lowe has been relaxing my muscles in my back. My husband would say "Dear please straighten up" "I can't, my back hurts so bad." Well now I can straighten up and walk upright.

My thumbs and wrists hurt so much - Ken worked on them and showed me how to help myself by rubbing and massaging them- He also told me to exercise to strengthen my back muscles.

Thanks Ken - I feel so much better.



To Whom It May Concern

My husband and I have been seeing Ken Lowe as massage therapy clients for over a year and a half. We believe that Ken is magic! He was at our home and noticed my husband was in extreme pain from a back injury caused by lifting. Ken took my husband aside and worked on him immediately, relaxing the locked up muscles, and allowing him a relief from pain. Ken is very skilled at massage therapy, and also has deep insight into people. We are grateful to know him, and have his professional skills at work for us.


Ken and Vanett


Have you ever met someone that has dramatically changed your life? Well, I have and I'd like to tell you about it.

I have scoliosis. It is a diseases of the spine that causes it to grow in the form of an S. Unfortunately my scoliosis was quite severe. At age 14 I had surgery where a Herington rod was screwed into the spinal column to straighten the spine as much as possible. Because of the severity in the curve, it was not feasible to straighten the spine completely.
I have been grateful for the surgery. It has enabled me to function quite normally until this point in my life.
Now it has been approximately ten years since. I've started to develop a lot of problems with my ribs going out of place and muscle cramping. It was so bad that I returned to the orthopedic surgeon who did the surgery, inquiring as to what could be done to help me with my discomfort. He told me that my back looked better than many other cases he had seen. In a round about way, that I should feel fortunate that it wasn't worse.
I left the doctor's office that day with my tail between my legs and very discouraged. How on earth could I live a full life with back problems like I was experiencing?
A few months later, one of my co-workers told me of a massage therapist that could help me. Although I knew something needed to be done, my pain was worse than my disbelief in a cure-all massage therapist.
To make a long story shorter...I went to see Ken and he massaged so hard that I actually felt bones in my back moving. I had also been having pain in my hands, so worked them over, too. Needless to say, after my first visit I felt so good that I was hooked. I have been seeing Ken one time a week for the past year and believe it or not I have no pain in my hands and I feel that my back is straighter, my ribs stay in place and I don't have even one-fourth the back pain I had a year ago. I think this back of mine may even carry me until I'm a hundred years of age. I just hope Ken doesn't retire before such time.
See. Now you know how Ken has changed my life. I owe him everything.
A forever patient